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To Whom it may concern:

This request is for documents, photos, emails, videos, data and other records that pertain to the FESCO (Far Eastern Shipping Company) ship Klara Zetkin.  I am writing the story of this ship and of the couple who were married on it May 7, 1994.

In 1994, approximately between February to June, the Klara was berthed at terminal 18. Its cargo included frozen chicken, cars and other items.  My interest is mostly having to do with port side information.  Any documents regarding protocols at that time, data, photos and other records that might help me understand the more technical side of the ship being in the port at that time.  In addition, any record of correspondence or records of meetings with the ship's contact with the port, will also be of importance to me.

I appreciate your attention to this request and am willing to answer any questions you may have to help you help me.

Sincerely, Theresa Reda  (texting ok)

Theresa Reda

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