Request #20-209
    1. All documents (for purposes of this information request, documents should be construed broadly, to include all documents or records of any kind, including but not limited to writings, photographs, recordings, images, correspondence and notes, etc.) pertaining to the discipline and termination of Nathan Brown (Airfield Operations Specialist if Aviation Operations, terminated on May 13, 2020), including all documents pertaining to all disciplinary actions taken against Mr. Brown during his employment.
    2. To the extent not included in Request #1 above, all documents pertaining incidents occurring in November, 2019, including interviews, notes, the full investigation files, correspondence (be they text messages or emails) pertaining to any person’s investigation of these incidents.
    3. To the extent not included in Requests #1 and #2 above, copies of any written complaints and any notes made about any complaints (written or unwritten) during the course of Mr. Brown’s employment. This includes the complaint made by a tenant working for Signature Aviation (“reporting party”) reporting party regarding how Mr. Brown “performed a wildlife detail” in November, 2019, as well as any complaints or notes about complaints regarding his conversation with the reporting party on November 20, 2019.
    4. Brown’s complete personnel file.
    5. Copies of the following:
      • Port of Seattle Code of Conduct CC-14;
      • Port of Seattle Human Resources HR-18;
      • Port of Seattle’s core values;
      • OSHA whistleblower regulations that the Port of Seattle believes applies to its employees.
    1. A list of all instances of discipline by Port of Seattle, including but not limited to, verbal warnings, written warnings, suspensions, and terminations, by date, employee name, discipline (if any), nature of discipline (if any), and disposition, in which bargaining unit employees received discipline as a result of:
      • Poor judgment;
      • Poor judgment related to how an employee performed a wildlife detail;
      • Violations of Port of Seattle Code of Conduct CC-14;
      • Violations of Port of Seattle Human Resources HR-18;
      • Violations of the Port of Seattle’s core values;
      • Violations of OSHA whistleblower regulations.

    The time period of this request is November 1, 2014, through the present.

    1. For each of the employees identified in request #6 above, provide the disciplinary form, termination letter, or other document(s) informing the employee of the level of discipline imposed and the alleged conduct for which the employee was disciplined or discharged.
    2. A list of all incidents in which a bargaining unit employee engaged in any of the conduct listed in request #6 above, where such conduct did not result in discipline, including the date, employee name, and nature of the conduct of each such incident.

    The time period of this request is November 1, 2014, through the present.

    1. Copies of any video footage of Mr. Brown’s conduct in November 2019, regarding the wildlife incident or his conversation with the reporting party. If no other footage exists, please let me know.
    2. All correspondence, including emails and text messages, from Michelle Moshner or any other Port employee to Mr. Brown regarding the investigations into the November, 2019, incidents involving Mr. Brown, including the alleged wildlife incident or Mr. Brown’s November 20 conversation with the reporting party.
    3. All correspondence regarding complaints about Mr. Brown, discipline of Mr. Brown, or any investigations into Mr. Brown, sent to or from the following individuals, from August 1, 2017 through the present:
      1. Michelle Moshner;
      2. Steve Ozmek;
      3. Dawson Frank;
      4. Joshua Marcy;
      5. Anthony Barnes;
      6. Paul Pelton;
      7. Mark Coates;
      8. Jeffery Woods;
      9. Albert Jackson;
      10. Matthew Bullock.

    Please direct the information to my attention and, if possible, please submit the information in electronic form to Sarah Derry at and Genipher Owens at  Please do not delay production until all records are located, but rather provide the documents as they are identified.



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