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In the little Suquamish Indian Tribe we have a "Employee Handbook".


Kind of a general conduct/rule book for tribal employees.


I'm sure that King County's  Port of Seattle has a similar code of  employee conduct etc.


To that effect, acting in the context of "Pro Se", I am requesting such a copy from you unless it of course is deemed a "secret."


It could come under Washington State "WAC" or more defining the British Accredited Regency" (BAR) known world wide as "UCC" accepted in all the United States except of course Louisiana. 


I do not know how your internal system is set up.


To be more specific, I need to know and understand "who" assigns workplace areas and definitions in written language or  requirements,  soas to eliminate confusion. 


There is some obvious confusion of how individual work area assignments evolve or are individually assigned and the responsible assigning party and of course potential motivating factors, if any exist.


There is a possibility like  the military "UCMJ Art 134" general article that items not specifically covered, that unforeseen circumstances would or could come under a general article, if such exists.


I will be available for a copy all week long and of course am available by cell phone 24/7 at 206 565 9175.


I appreciate your quick response.


Ray Forsman

206 565 9175



February 24, 2019 via email


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Ray Forsman





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