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I am a pilot for SkyWest airlines and had a 4 day trip commencing on February 3rd 2019 and ending February 6th 2019. I arrived at the employee parking lot At 845 am on Feb 3rd. My trip ended at 1415 on the 6th and arrived at my car at 1500 on the 6th. I was parked in the back of the lot between the first drop off point and second drop off point all the way in the back towards the runway in Seattle. ( Oversized car parking, but 1 row inside and approximately 12-15 cars down from the edge of the lot nearest the highway. I drive a 2018 Caspian blue nissan rouge. I parked nose into the park spot. The license plate isĀ  BHR5796. The damage was done right next to the front right wheel well, where the damage was done by the other vehicle. The impact cracked the body of my car and tore off my wheel well gaurd and both items are a plastic composite material. The crack is all the way through and approximately 6 inches long and took paint off as well dent the whole front end. Any help is appreciated as this will be a costly fix.


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