Request #19-419

All documents, photos, emails, texts, social media and social media messaging of any kind or nature, videos, data and other records on the following subjects:

All communications by or between the Port of Seattle staff, consultants, any Port of Seattle Commissioners, any Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) representative, any airline representatives, any State, City, or other elected officials or staff of such elected officials, and/or any other person or entity, referring or relating to: (1) the actual or potential suspension of participation by any city or cities in the StART; (2) any requests by any StART member to record (audio or video) any StART meetings; (3) StART presentations made  or to be made by FAA employees or representatives; and (4) negotiations with any airline employee or representative about any proposed voluntary agreement on usage of the 3rd Runway or night time aircraft operations.

This request seeks the referenced documents from January 1, 2019, to present.


August 26, 2019 via web



Steve Edmiston





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