Request #19-417
Following up and as a supplement to closed Request #18-112, please provide records requested below from March 13, 2018, to present.

Request: All documents, including electronic records, created, obtained, and/or shared by or between Port and/or airport staff, Port consultants, Port Commissioners, and/or any third parties, relating to articles, studies or reports on the subject of possible harms to human health or to the environment from aircraft operations. This request includes any statements to Port Commissioners of action to be taken, or not taken, in response or relation to any such articles, studies or reports.

By way of illustration, a study as used above would include the World Health Organization's 2018 Environmental Noise Guidelines for the European Region.

Purpose of request: To supplement prior request exploring how and when the Port staff is continuing to educate itself andĀ advise the Commissioners about developing science relating to aircraft noise and emissions.


August 26, 2019 via web



Steve Edmiston





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