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Diane Clemmer was exiting Southwest Flight from Houston at Gate B22 on August 2, 2019 in the late afternoon around 4:45 pm approximately. She exited the plane and was headed to the bathroom when she was struck from behind by a short Asian woman. My wife caught a glimpse of her from her right side and saw that the woman did not appear to be paying attention to where she was walking. The woman struck my wife from the right and knocked her to the floor on her left side which resulted in a fractured left femur. The incident report sited above indicates that my wife had a "trip and fall" and this is incorrect. We would like to view any video footage leading up to and including the strike and the fall and aftermath to draw our own conclusions. Please forward what is available for our review. We are from Florida. My wife was heading to a funeral which she never made. Her fracture resulted in an operation to her left leg which resulted in some paralysis to her right leg. She is currently undergoing rehab in CHI Franciscan Health Rehabilitation Hospital in Tacoma and she has been released to return to Florida this Saturday. So, time is of the essence. Please do what you can. Thanks very much.


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Michael Clemmer





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