Request #19-341

Dear Records Custodian:

Under the Washington Public Records Act, RCW § 42.56 et seq., I request that a copy of the
following records, files and documents (or documents containing the following information) be
provided to me in the most appropriate format:


1.   Any and all Total Airport and Airspace Modeler (“TAAM”) project files and data, including
native computer files associated with TAAM data, within the possession or under control of the Port
of Seattle (“the Port”) created, used, or updated by any employees of the Port (or any other state
or federal agency or any other individual or party) as part of the Port’s historical and ongoing
Sustainable Airport Master Plan (“SAMP”) project development, including any written reports
generated in connection with or analyzing TAAM modeling performed by any of the parties listed
above in connection with the SAMP process.  This request does not seek access to qualitative
deliberations between the parties listed above properly exempted by RCW § 42.56.280. This Public
Records Act request also is not intended to cover access to the proprietary computer program or
proprietary software used to analyze native TAAM computer files and documents.

a.   This  request includes but is not limited to all  data and documents regarding TAAM project
files and data connected to the Port’s existing conditions baseline model used for calibration,
described in detail in the May 2019 TAAM report; 2027 TAAM modeling results (specifically, delay
statistics) for each of the Port’s individual five runway operating modes, described in detail in
the May 2019 TAAM report; and any TAAM data and documents or reports generated as
a result of running TAAM file or data analyses.


2.   Any and all records addressing cost and constructability assessments for the alternatives
considered in the Port’s SAMP scoping and planning.

a.   This request includes but is not limited to, supporting documentation such as records that
formed the basis of estimates used in making assumptions about SAMP, consideration of potential
exclusions from SAMP, parameters for making these determinations, potential escalation factors, and
records addressing the Port’s levels of confidence in making these determinations.


3.   Any and all records regarding the Port’s recent cost estimate and constructability assessment,
including, but not limited to, the Port’s construction phasing schedule for the Concourse D
extension proposed by Alaska that indicates an estimated 12-year timeframe.


4.   Any and all records addressing calculations and predictions involved in analyzing “dwell time”
by vehicle mode and curb areas.

a.   This request includes but is not limited to, any additional supplemental data for the 2016
Dwell Time Summary report that further explains dwell time by vehicle mode and by curb area (e.g.,
Lower Drive or Upper Drive).


5.   Any and all records involving the Port’s VISSIM models.

a.   This request includes but is not limited to, any VISSIM models that have the geometry of the
ground transportation system including: the base case (typically the present ground transportation
system modeling for calibration), the preferred alternative, any additional alternative modeled by
the Port, and any and all documentation and reports associated with the base calibration and
modeling of alternatives (including details on flight schedules, assumptions, parameters, modeling
methodology/VISSIM files used in modeling, notes on meetings with other relevant stakeholders,
modeling results, and recommendations).


Please inform me if the cost of searching or preparing these records will exceed $25.00.  The
maximum dollar amount I am willing to pay for this request is $1,000.00.


The Washington Public Records Act requires a response to this request be made within five business
days.  If access to the records I am requesting will take longer than this amount of time, please
contact me with information about when I might expect to obtain access to the
records, data, and files I have requested.


July 15, 2019 via email



Jack Rossi





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