Request #19-332

This is a formal request for access to government data under the Washington open records law


I would like to inspect or obtain any documents related to the Seattle-Tacoma Airport relationship with Alclear, LLC doing business as CLEAR. The business is formerly known as Verified Identity Card, Inc.


We would like any contracts and/or preliminary contracts (AKA draft contracts) with Alclear, LLC, CLEAR and/or Verified Identity Card, Inc. The request should also include any contracts and preliminary contracts (AKA draft contracts) with holding companies and subsidiaries of Alclear, LLC, CLEAR and/or Verified Identity Card, Inc.


The data should also include:

  • Any correspondence between officials with the companies (Alclear, CLEAR, Verified Identity Card, its holding companies and subsidiaries under the domain and officials with Sea-Tac, including executives at the Sea-Tac and the governing body of Sea-Tac (including aides to the chair and commissioners).
  • Any correspondence between Sea-Tac and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security related to CLEAR.
  • Copies of any certifications CLEAR has received from DHS related to the SAFETY Act that have been provided to Sea-Tac
  • Any correspondence between the Sea-Tac and members of the Seattle or Tacoma city councils about CLEAR. 
  • Any complaints, investigations, audits, inspections and customer feedback related to CLEAR.
  • Any correspondence between the general public and Sea-Tac involving CLEAR.

In addition, please include any meeting notes, notes relating to calls, reports, reference materials, text messages, direct messages on social media accounts (like Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook accounts, What’s App, GroupMe, Signal, Confide and Slack), materials produced on online document sharing and storage systems (like Google Drive, OneNote and DropBox).


Please include any files in employee electronic trash bins and hard drives deleted items from employee email.


I ask that my request be handled as quickly as possible, and that the information be provided as soon as it is available, piece by piece if possible. I realize I am requesting a lot of documents, so please prioritize giving me copies of contracts if possible. 


I am a member of the news media affiliated with APM Reports, an investigative journalism unit within American Public Media, parent company of Minnesota Public Radio. This request is made as part of news gathering and not for commercial use. As such, I request that fees related to this request be waived. Please contact me if you decline to waive any fees related to this request since I may opt to inspect the data first.  


If such information is maintained but not available for public release or is redacted, I ask that you cite the specific section of law that allows for the classification. Please provide specifics for each redaction and denial.


Thank you for considering my request. Please contact me via phone or email listed below if you want to have a discussion on ways to speed up my request.


July 17, 2019 via web


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Will Craft





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