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Yes. My name is Julie cover an I want to make a public records request. I'm looking for the security footage for the Alaska Airlines arrival arrivals. ... Exit for people. Bring your baggage out. I had an incident with one of the Port Authority police officer and security guard there. That I've made a complaint and I thought they had requested this. However, all they did was mail me in pieces since in Saint form, So it is for the night of July 10th going into the morning of July. 11th. So I would like 11:00 PM of July 10th to 1:00 AM of July 11th. Of that, the Alaska Airlines. Arrivals. Area where the police officers they have their cars parked parallel. ... And they are working. It was Alan Taylor is the office. Ariel is having an issue with. So wherever he was patrolling and had his car parts, that's where the security footage that I'm interested in my name is Julie collect CULLOP. My phone number is 425. 248141 for an alternate number for me is 425-615-9655 Sometimes my answer machine. It's full. And I can also fax you this request if it needs to be an ID. Uh, prepare it In fact certified. So once again It's the security footage for the Alaska Airlines arrival. Uhm, it's where Alan Beiler would be working. The police officer and there was an African American security card that kept giving me problems. I was trying to get my son picked up. Alaska Airlines have made on the state and having a perceptive ticket in Alaska.


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