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Korean TV channel “MyPet TV” is preparing a documentary drama called <Miracle Project: Animal Assisted Therapy.> This drama is a selected and projected by “Korea Creative Content Agency” and receiving production support.

Program Purpose: Our drama “Miracle Project: Animal Assisted Therapy” presents a new solution to the problem of abandoned dogs, followed by touching stories of people being cured by dogs, and shows warm co-prosperity between animals and people.

Program information: In the United States, dogs are not only pets but also life partners. The long history of therapy dogs in America shows part of it. Certified therapy dogs visit hospitals, schools and other facilities to work for the public. What's most surprising is the performance at Sea-Tac Airport. Therapy dogs serve to reduce travelers' stress and relieve anxiety.

Therapy dog for people around the world visiting Sea Tac airport. <Miracle Project: Animal Assisted Therapy> is to highlight the culture of dogs in the United States through PetPartners, a leading U.S. medical dog certification agency, and Therapy dog at Sea Tac Airport. It also spreads awareness of Therapy dogs and sends positive messages about animal exchange therapy to Korean viewers.


[Expectation Camera Composition]

#View of Sea Tac Airport

#Travelers wandering around inside Sea Tac Airport

#Therapy dog from the PetPartners team that travelers are touching

#The image of Therapy dog


#Partners Therapy dog Team Interview

  1. What are you doing?
  2. Why did you meet travelers at Sea Tac Airport?
  3. What does Therapy dog mean to travelers at Sea Tac Airport?
  4. How long has Therapy Dog been working at Sea Tac Airport?
  5. Why was Therapy dog able to work at Sea Tac Airport? (A. Collaboration with Sea Tac Airport was possible.)

#Interview of Sea Tac airport officials (*If it's not possible, I won't take it.)

  1. How long has Therapy dog been in action?
  2. Why did you arrange for Therapy dog to be active?
  3. What effect did Therapy dog have on travelers since it became active?


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