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Operating Application and Governing Regulations (Current)


Request documents/records that describe/govern an airline's application to initiate commercial service at SeaTac IAP.  In short, provide instruction explaining how a newly organized carrier receives permission from the Port of Seattle (POS) to begin operations at SeaTac International Airport.  What's the application process?


Provide documents/forms that an airline has to complete and provide to the Port of Seattle in order to apply for or maintain permission to operate at SeaTac IAP.  We are not asking for a report already completed by an airline, just the data format required by the POS, what do they have to report? Please include the necessary instructions to provide or complete the forms.  This may be an annual performance report that the operator has to prepare and provide to the POS.


Provide any documents/rules/contracts that would describe necessary compliance standards that govern continued operations at SeaTac IAP; rules that if not followed would result in operating permission being withdrawn.  For example are there general rules or contractual statements that state an operator is authorized a given number of flights per day using only B737 aircraft?  In this case if the airline were to increase/double the number of flights or substitute the type of aircraft without permission, a fine would result or permission to operate withdrawn.   If so this type of statement or source document/procedure would be included. That rule may be found in an administrative guide describing how to prepare a contract with an airline.  We are not seeking copies of specific airline contracts or agreements.


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