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My daughter and her friends were denied High School Internships with the Port of Seattle after being selected for interviews per HR stating 1) due to them being 16 they have can apply for two more years so they were going to give the older applicants the opportunity, 2) due to them interning the previous year they wanted to allow other the opportunity to intern.  I feel both of these reasonings are discriminatory and they should have never selected students for interviews if they were not going to be considered for internships.  Unacceptable! So I would like to request the following stats the Ports High School Internship Program:

1) How many interns are returning interns?

2) The age breakdown of those selected.  How many 16 /17/18 year olds?

3) Ethnicity breakdown.  From last year’s pics on the website it looks like there is a majority of Asians.

4) How many are related to Port employees?

Thank you!


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