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Airport Ground Transportation

Please provide all information about "belled-in" permits to pick up passengers

  • Who is eligible
  • What it costs
  • Coverage/enrollment period
  • If it is pro-rated or if a monthly fee is available
  • Any exemptions available
  • Are permits required of "Cabulances", AKA "non emergency medical transports"
  • How permit fee is determined
  • The quantity within each class of permits issued


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Who is eligible?

Any metered taxi or flat rate taxi with a King County plate or a dual plate (King County/City of Seattle) is eligible to purchase a belled-in taxi permit at SeaTac.



What it costs?

A Belled-in permit costs $660. 



Coverage/enrollment period?

A permit is for a 12-month period.  Operators usually purchase permits at the same time they renew their for-hire license with the state so often the effective dates of a permit coincide with the effective dates of an operator’s for-hire license.



If it is pro-rated or if a monthly fee is available?

Permits are not pro-rated.  We do have a monthly permit that costs $190, a weekly permit costing $90, and a daily permit that costs $40.



Any exemptions available?




Are permits required of “Cabulances”, aka “non-emergency medical transports”?




How permit fee is determined.

The permit fee is calculated each year by our Finance & Budget Department using cost recovery methodology.  The costs that are “recovered” are Ground Transportation operating and maintenance (O&M) costs including overhead and Ground Transportation facility and fixed asset costs. Total estimated annual costs are divided by estimated annual permit sales to arrive at an annual permit fee



The quantity within each class of permits issued.

There are two types of belled-in permits.  One for metered taxis and one for non-metered, flat rate for hire taxis.  May YTD, we have sold 40 metered taxi permits and 3 non-metered permits.


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