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I need a copy of the Fire Departments record of our accident.

On May 18, 2019, around 1 PM, My wife Diana and I were using the escalator in the SeaTac airport to catch our return flight to Phoenix on Alaska airlines. About one third of the way up, my wife lost her balance and fell backwards (with our luggage) onto me and we tumbled down the escalator.

She sustained an injury to the back of her head and was bleeding. She also had multiple bruises and scrapes to her body. I sustained bruises and scrapes, especially to my left calf.

The airport people said that this was quite common in their airport.

We were checked out at the airport and boarded our flight and returned to Phoenix.

On Sunday, we photographed all our cuts and bruises but have no idea about any internal injuries. I think Diana has a broken rib.

Please provide a copy of the report to the address below.


Ed Murphy

10240 S Tillman Ave.

Mesa, AZ 85212


May 22, 2019 via web



Edward Murphy





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