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The 2013 Part 150 Port of Seattle study has the following section:


The Port’s Noise Abatement Office has a flight track data collection and analysis program called the Airport Noise and Operational Monitoring System (ANOMS). This program collects and processes radar data from the FAA’s STARS aircraft radar tracking system. Once collected, the ANOMS program performs a number of processes, including determining if the track is a departure or arrival and assigning a runway to the track. With this system, the Port is able to analyze adherence with the Port’s noise abatement program and investigate particular incidents concerning aircraft operations.

The ANOMS program exports a file that includes flight information about the aircraft that is operating on each track as well as position information regarding the location and altitude of the flight. The flight information includes data such as the aircraft type, airline code, flight number, and type of operation and runway. The position information includes the X and Y position of each radar record for the flight track for every four seconds of the flight as well as the altitude of the aircraft at each point and the time of day that the aircraft was at that point. The position information is given in distance relative to the STARS radar antenna that is on airport property.

These files have been successfully exported for analysis in this Part 150 Study.”

Regarding the last sentence, I would like a copy of "these files” that were provided to Landrum & Brown, Inc. for the 2013 Part 150 Study.

The 2002 Part 150 Study contains the exact same text quoted above on page A.20, except the last sentence is “These files have been successfully exported to the Bridge Reports programs for analysis in the FAR Part 150 Study”. I would also like a copy of “these files” that were provided to Landrum & Brown, Inc. for the 2002 Part 150 Study.

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