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Our client, Chelsea Sears, was injured on 2/5/19, as she walked to the guard shack between where the Sky Chefs vans are and the airfield where the airplanes are located. She fell on the ice outside the guard shack. We are requesting any and all video, recording and/or verbal or written statements and any and all other records that might pertain to the fall on the icy conditions on 2/5/19 at or around 3:30am. It is our understanding the guard on duty took her into the shack and they waited for the ambulance.


Thank you for your time and consideration.


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Zach Kozma

Paralegal to Rob Sears


March 11, 2019 via web


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Zach Kozma





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May 13, 2019, 7:12am
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May 13, 2019, 7:06am
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May 3, 2019, 12:20pm
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3-Gate E-190 East-2019-02-05_03h37min55s000ms.asf
4-Gate E-190 East-2019-02-05_03h42min22s000ms.asf
1-Gate E-190 East-2019-02-05_02h46min25s000ms.asf
2-Gate E-190 East-2019-02-05_02h57min15s000ms.asf
April 17, 2019, 2:11pm
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