Request #18-65

Good Morning,

 Pursuant to The PRA which grants access to copies of public records, we respectfully request records pertaining to any of the following types of obligations:

  • Uncashed checks
  • Unclaimed checks and funds/assets
  • Unclaimed tax refunds and bonds
  • Stale Dated checks or limited liability cancellation reports
  • Tax Overpayments
  • Outstanding checks
  • Outstanding and Refundable credit balances
  • Checks Exempt from Unclaimed Property Reporting
  • Instructions and contact information to have these checks reissued to original payee

 If some of this request is exempt from release, please release the remainder of the record which is allowed. Please provide all outstanding/uncashed/stale dated checks/properties that are greater than $500 issued by The Port of Seattle or affiliated departments to vendors, businesses, or agencies and issued prior to 10/31/17. For each property, please provide issue dates, payee names, addresses, and dollar amounts due. If possible, an excel document would be the desired format to receive data for all available years. Please note that I am not requesting a listing of records which have already been escheated.

 If the requested records could not be found or do not exist in your possession, please provide the contact information for the public body from which they may be requested and forward this request to them (For example, if another department issues checks on your behalf.)

 We would appreciate your prompt attention to this matter and, if possible, request your response within 15 business days of receipt of this letter.  We will reimburse for any reasonable costs associated with the provision of these documents. 

 Thank you for your assistance with this matter.  


February 6, 2018 via web


None Assigned


Mike Cincotta





Point of Contact

Public Disclosure Pier 69

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We released all of the requested documents.

February 23, 2018, 8:20am
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February 23, 2018, 8:18am
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February 6, 2018, 11:32am