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Please provide the following information:


  1. When was the policy item adopted by the POS Commissioners?
  2. Has the current policy item reference above dated 1/1/2018 been amended in the previous 10 years or since inception?
  3. If 2 is affirmative, provide copies of previous policy language.
  4. Is POS Employee "Time Reporting Code" 183, the sole authorized code for "Awarded Time".
  5. If not, what other Time Reporting Code do manager's authorize to administer "Awarded Time".
  6. Please provide copies of correspondence, guidelines, emails or other communications used to administer, 10, item a)Guidelines for Administering Awarded Time" or similarly related policies since 2008.
  7. How many hours of "Awarded Time" have been granted to POS employees on an annual basis since January 1, 2008 8.Provide a breakdown of total hours for each year since 2008 basis employee designation:




EDD or equivalent.



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