Request #18-290

Separately, brace yourself:


I request a complete and unedited electronic copy in electronic format and in the highest resolution available of all ARFF apparatus video records that have been retained for any reason.


  1. I request a complete and unedited electronic copy in electronic format and in the highest resolution available of all airport CCTV video records capturing the airport operations / movement area that have for any reason been retained in excess of the standard retention time for such records, and/or which are in any way flagged for retention in excess of the standard retention time for such records.
  2. I request a complete and unedited electronic copy in electronic format and in the highest resolution available of all seaport CCTV video records that have for any reason been retained in excess of the standard retention time for such records.
  3. I request a complete and unedited electronic copy in electronic format and in the highest resolution available of the most recent four hours of daytime video captured on ARFF apparatus-mounted cameras.
  4. Lastly, it is my understanding that for training and readiness purposes it is common for airport fire departments (as well as airports generally) to share with other airports and/or airport fire departments (a) powerpoint presentations containing video footage of emergency response activities, and/or (b) video of emergency response activities separate from presentations. I request a copy of all such videos and all such presentations in their original resolution(s) and file format(s).


Regarding all of the above, I am not interested in video records capturing responses to calls that are primarily medical in nature. If you accept, I consent to Port of Seattle withholding such records (even absent the existence of a statute authorizing their withholding). That offer is contingent upon Port of Seattle’s agreement to make a good faith effort to provide me with the number of withheld video records, the date upon which each withheld record was created, and the duration of each withheld record.


Regarding all of the above, please interpret “video” to include any audio track associated with the video footage.


I certify that any lists of individuals obtained through this request for public records will not be used for commercial purposes.


June 26, 2018 via web


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Public Disclosure Pier 69

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October 25, 2019, 12:56pm
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3 -05-04-11DL Cart N525AS Collision.htm
9 -03-03-2016 Runaway Tug in Bagwell.docx
10 - 06Mar16 AS Surface Incident.docx
11 -05-20-2016 DL ULD vs AS acft.docx
August 26, 2019, 10:50am
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May 31, 2019, 11:23am
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81-Jetbridge vs McGee 5-23-18.asf
82-ULD on the Ground 5-25-18.asf
83-Cart vs Beltloader 5-24-18.asf
84-Vehicle vs Pit Lid 5-25-18.asf
85-DL vs Swissport 5-31-18.asf
86-DHLvs 400HZ 6-5-18.asf
87-UA vs DL 6-5-18.asf
88-Cart flip 6-7-18.asf
89-Vehicle vs Vehicle 6-9-18.asf
April 26, 2019, 9:47am
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October 1, 2018, 7:11am
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3-Cart vs Aircraft Collison 5-4-2011.asf
4-Van vs Aicraft Collision 5-1-2014 (1).asf
5-Van vs Aicraft Collision 5-1-2014 (2).asf
6-Aircraft vs Truck Collision 5-23-2015.asf
7-DL281 Bird Strike_002 8-10-2015.mp4
8-Tug vs Tug in the Bagwell 12-17-2015.asf
9-Runaway Tug in Bagwell 3-3-2016 .asf
1-Vehicle Deviation 11-12-2010.asf
2-4-20-2011 AS477 Pilot Deviation Video.asf
10-Surface Incident 3-6-2016.asf
11-Bag Containers vs Aircraft 5-20-2016.asf
12-Vehicle vs Security Gate 12-3-2015.asf
September 13, 2018, 10:12am
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