Request #18-156

April 5, 2018                                                  

Sent via U.S. mail and fax: (206) 728-3205

Public Records Officer

Port of Seattle

P.O. Box 1209

Seattle, WA 98111


Re:       Our Client:                  Ricci Bibbs

            Date of Birth:              May 11, 1957

            Our File No.:               50452.1

            Date of Loss:              April 1, 2018




Representation:  We have been retained to represent the above-referenced claimant in all matters arising from the incident on the above date.


Request Incident Report and Statements:  Please send us copies of all reports, correspondence, incident reports taken or statements you may have obtained.


Request Photographs:  Please forward to us all photographs you may have of the property damage or injuries sustained by the parties in this incident. 


Preservation of EvidencePlease also preserve all photographs, videos, documents, emails, files (paper and electronic), and all other things which pertain in any way to this claim.  Please also refrain from conducting any invasive or destructive testing without giving us advance notice and the opportunity to have a representative present at the testing.





Sean Harris

Attorney at Law for

GLP Attorneys, P.S., Inc.


April 9, 2018 via web


None Assigned


Martin Lopez





Point of Contact

Public Disclosure Pier 69

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Request with-drawn

June 7, 2018, 7:48am
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April 24, 2018, 8:41am
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April 9, 2018, 10:42am