Request #17-110

Under the Washington Public Records Act, RCW 42.56, please provide copies of the following records:


-All text messages and emails (Including attachments) sent or received by all Port commissioners, Larry Ehl, Wendy Reiter, Ted Fick, Dave Freiboth, Rod Covey, Greg Gauthier, Sarah Duncan and Mikel O'Brien to or from members of the ILWU, and electronic correspondence from the same individuals that mentions the ILWU, from Dec. 29, 2016 through Jan. 26, 2017;


  • All complaints submitted to the Board of Ethics, investigative reports received or compiled by the Board, and all findings, conclusions and recommendations for corrective action the Board has provided to the Commission since May 14, 2013;


  • All complaints submitted to the Ethics and Compliance Hotline since Jan. 1, 2014;


-All emails Including attachments from a chief Executive of the Port to a member of the human resources department that mentions the terms "intern" or ''internship'' since Jan, 1, 2014;


  • The scoring sheet of any non-Port employee evaluating a competitive bid since Jan, 1, 2016;


Please provide responsive ,records on a rolling basis as soon as they are available, in electronic format to the extent feasible, by transmitting them to the email address below. I ask that you justify withholding or redacting any portion of these records by citing specific exemptions in the Act. If there are any fees associated with producing these records, please advise me in advance If they are estimated to exceed $5O.


March 9, 2017 via web


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