Request #16-250

 Pursuant to RCW Ch. 42.56, I hereby request the following records:

  1. All documents submitted to AirProjects and/or the Port by bidders in Sea-Tac Airport Concessions lease group 2.
  2. All documents produced by AirProjects and/or the Port concerning to Lease Group 2 particularly any analysis or evaluation of lease group 2 bidding proposals.
  3. All documents between ADR tenants, Concourse Concessions, Sun’s Inc, SeaTac Bar Group and the Port concerning lease extensions recently granted.

 As used above, the term “documents” should be construed in its broadest sense, and includes any original, reproduction, copy or electronically stored version of any kind of written or documentary material, or drafts thereof, including, but not limited to, email, text messages, correspondence, memoranda, interoffice communications, notes, diaries, contract documents, publications, calculations, estimates, vouchers, minutes of meetings, invoices, reports, studies, computer discs, tapes or records, photographs, negatives, slides, voice recordings, voicemails, calendar entries, notes of telephone conversations and notes of any oral communications.

 This request specifically includes, but is not limited to, all internal and external written correspondence as well as audio & video recordings (including, but not limited to, e-mails, fax, letters, text messages, voicemails, social media communications such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.) between:

  1. Port of Seattle staff and commissioners
  2. AirProjects staff
  3. Existing concessions operators at Sea-Tac Airport
  4. Bidders i.e. companies that have submitted bids on concessions units OR have expressed interest.

Furthermore, I am requesting all interoffice memoranda, announcements, applications, concepts, brainstorms, discussions, notes, presentations, recordings, meeting notes, meeting minutes and any other documents relating in any form to the above referenced matter.  

 I request that you prioritize files going back to January 1, 2014. Please advise me when to expect this request to be completed. I would like to receive the documents as they become available. Wherever possible, I prefer to receive the documents per email. If email is not feasible due to large file sizes I would like them on a disc in electronic format. Please let me know of anticipated copying costs before creating paper copies.

 Feel free to call with any questions to clarify this request.


August 1, 2016 via web


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Hannah Anousheh





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