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Please provide:

1. A copy of the RFP leading up to the report prepared by Community Attributes, Inc. dated April 2016 and submitted to the Seattle City Council on or around April 28, 2016. This report was titled "Economic Impacts of the Proposed SODO Arena." It also included a 9 page Executive Summary separate from this report.

2. A copy of the minutes or departmental approval used to enter into an agreement with Community Attributes, Inc.

3. A copy of the contract/agreement with Community Attributes, Inc. for the preparation of the report along with all addendum and attachments, including the timeline of when the project/research would start and be expected to end.

4. The total amount paid to Community Attributes, Inc. (and any amounts due) for preparation of this report along with dates paid.

5.  A copy of all emails between Community Attributes, Inc. regarding this report.

6. A copy of all support and documentation the Port of Seattle sent to Community Attributes, Inc. which they referenced in their report.

6. A copy of text messages between Community Attributes, Inc. and the Port of Seattle regarding this report.

7. A confirmation or certification from the Port of Seattle that they were the only government body involved in the preparation of the report. (e.g., State politicians/officials, City of Seattle officials/politicians, and King County officials/politicians were not involved). 



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