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Please provide any report, memorandum, letter or data, in written or electronic form, which may have been provided to the Port of Seattle, or generated by the Port of Seattle, which identifies, refers to, or enumerates the number of inbound or outbound trips taken by motor vehicles identified as 'rideshare' or specifically affiliated with Uber Technologies, Inc.; Lyft Technologies, Inc.; WingZ, Inc; from January 2015 through April 2016.  If data are stored and available with reference to date and time, in .csv or any other standard format, compilation and summary is neither needed nor requested; if summary data are available, it is however appreciated.  Electronic files in .csv are preferred but we will use whatever is easiest to generate.  Please include, at minimum, if availble, AVI tag or other specific vehicle identification. number, date, time, and upper or lower drive data.  If data or reports are generated and submitted by the ground transportation services providers, such format as they are submitted in, is of course acceptable. 

Data are likely available through Vicky Ausbun @ Ground Transportation.  Thanks for the help.


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