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I would like to make a public records request to show when homes in Des Moines WA, were replaced with triple pane windows and what the guidelines and requirements were for the replacement. What year(s) did this occur? Under what ordinance? Why were some replaced and others were not? Why are the new construction homes in Des Moines not required to have triple pane windows installed? The double pane window do not offset the airplane noise on the same level as the triple pane windows. If the standards were lowered, why were they lowered? When did the standards change? What year? Please provide the documentation that shows the years the homes in Des Moines were upgraded to triple pane windows and the years that show when this requirement was no longer installed. Please include why it was decided that triple pane windows were no longer necessary along with the year that this decision was made for Des Moines. I am noticing a lot of homes for sale in the area that advertise Port package triple pane windows yet our newly constructed homes were only installed with double pane windows. We want to know how and why this is/was permitted. When did the noise ordinance change? Or noise standards change? I understand from my neighbors that the Port of Seattle contacted the former Mayor of Des Moines regarding the inquiries that were being made on this subject matter. I would prefer that my request be answered directly and not through the Mayor of Des Moines please.


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