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Pursuant to Section 7(C) of the Port of Seattle contract with Puget Sound Dispatch LLC [Concessionaire], signed in 2010 for the provision of outbound taxi services at Sea-Tac, and recently extended on a month-to-month basis, the Port and PSD LLC have agreed " utilize such information as is reasonably available to Concessionaire to determine an average fare for each outbound trip from the Airport. The parties shall use such information as is available to Concessionaire including trip logs to ensure that such average fare is representative of all outbound trips...." 

At your earliest convenience, please provide any and all requests for  '...such information...' and the information submitted in response to the Port, referred to above, including but not limited to trip logs, records of passenger credit card receipts, electronic or written records including memoranda or records of telephone or other conversations, for the purposes of determining "....such average fare...", and the record of any such determination, if made.  Please provide, also, any written or other record of contract extension by the Port.

We believe the information and data may be available through Ms. Vicky Ausburn of Ground Transportation Services or Mr. Jack Hutchinson of Internal Audit.

Please note that pursuant to Section 8 (A) of the above referenced agreement, PSD LLC is "...Concessionaire shall maintain its records relating to the operation permitted by this Agreement for a period of at least three (3) years after the end of each year of this Agreement (or until the close of any ongoing audit thereof being conducted by, or on behalf of, the Port)..."  Accordingly, if the Port does not have this data as requested, given that it is material to a current internal audit of the Port, being conducted by Mr. Hutchinson, regarding the above referenced contract, the information is material to such audit and the audit is material to further discussion of public policy by the Port Commission with respect to continuation of said contract, we believe it is reasonable for the Port to request such data of the contractor, for further disclosure to the public, for use in examination of performance under, and compliance with, said contract.

We believe the data, when examined, will indicate that the average fare for an outbound trip from Sea-Tac is approximately $45.00 and not as low as the $30.38 reported by PSD LLC for certain of the reporting periods during the contract.  If so, the data will indicate further, an underpayment for the contract period in excess of $4 million by PSD LLC to the Port, and will give insight into structural reform, that will prevent any such future underreporting.

Respectfully submitted,

Chris Van Dyk, General Manager

Quality Ground Transportation Services LLC




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Chris Van Dyk





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