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With reference to request #15-387, we had requested a copy of individual outbound taxicab trip records, as are created and kept in the AVI database by the AVI system monitoring, recording, and counting outbound taxi vehicles.

Each record is discrete, consisting of a record number (ie STC.00006999), and at minimum date, time, and location (upper or lower drive) of outbound departure, taxi brand affilliation and vehicle number, as follows: 

STC.00006999 12:59:14 AM Lower Drive PSD/YELLOW CAB 542

Discrete records are stored electronically as the database, and compiled for reports.  We were provided with a monthly summary report of trips by taxi vehicle ID number. 

While this monthly data is helpful to us, with it only, we are unable to perform the analysis necessary, to generate daily patterns of activity and otherwise model outbound ground transportation fleet performance.  We intend to share this analysis with the Port, and the public, and believe it will help substantially with the Port's decision making process, regarding outbound taxicab services.

Accordingly, we respectfully ask that you complete 15-387 as requested.  Please forward AVI Trip Data for outbound taxicab service transaction counts, in the form of trip records, [a discrete record for each trip], as may be available from January, 2012 through March, 2015. 

Format in Excel data file format is preferred; however, any standard Excel, SQL, Oracle, comma or tab delimited format is acceptable. We do not require any 'reporting' on the data, provided it is in one of these formats. 

Monthly summary reports are not required; however, these are acceptable, provided that transaction records are each identifiable by date, and time of day, as noted above.  We have previously been given limited data in this format.  

Recognizing that this request comprises approximately 2,340,000 discrete electronic records with five to eight datafields in each record, datafile delivery broken into sub-files and/or on fixed media is acceptable; as is the assesment of media or processing cost.   

Data are available through Vicky Ausbun, Ground Transportation, C: 206-390-7714, F: 206-787-7499E:

The analyses are for serious purpose, and will be in the public interest, and in that regard, as noted, will be made publicly available upon completion.

Your assistance and that of other Port staff in making these data available for public use is most appreciated.

Chris Van Dyk, General Mgr, Quality Ground Transportation Management LLC, 223 Ihland Way NW, Bainbridge Island, WA 98110 206-965-0086,


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