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This is a public disclosure request for the documents related to the transactions between the Port of Seattle/King County/City of Seattle for the Smith Cove land transaction (the Port's and City's respective lands) and for any use or financial transaction(s) documents between any of the parties. What I am requesting is the documents that set out the literal contractual obligations related one, the Port land going to the City, two, King County's CSO project on the Port/City land, three, any financial documents related to those contractual obligations, four, deeds, covenants of any kind related to the property I am referencing, and five, the financial or other terms that were agreed to, to facilitate the land transactions and for uses of any kind on any of the property at Smith Cove. In addition I would like copies of any documents that may have modified the earlier contractual terms between the City of Seattle and King County related to the purchase of the original parcel at Smith Cove for ballfields and the upper bluff area that is now known as Ursula Judkins Viewpoint. My final request is for the Port's, the City's, and King County's mailing list(s) for the CSO project and for the development of Smith Cove as a park. Please, I am requesting that all documents be released in their native form, electronic, and if not possible then that they only be released in single sided hard copies. Let me know if there are any copying or postage charges. And I do appreciate very much the diligence and effort that you put into answering a public disclosure request. Best, Elizabeth Campbell, MPA


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